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About Me

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Yoga and meditation promote relaxation – the opposite of anxiety, stress and depression. They build our ability to stay centered, which is vital for stress management. By pausing to breathe, meditate or stretch, the mind is directed away from the trigger and a biological reaction of calming begins.


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Yoga Instructor



What My Clients​​ Say about Me

The very first spark of my love for yoga started with you and I am so devoted and in awe when the mind and body come together as one. I meditate daily and reap the benefits from that as well. The real transformation for me is that I am finally calm, with a peaceful body, mind and spirit.
Freya Sanz
I was suffering from acute lower back pain for quite some time. I came to realize how much additional tension I was accumulating in my body in response to the pain- just the fear of it. . I have realized that yoga helped more than the series of physical therapy appointments my doctor prescribed. I really credit the gentle, therapeutic body education I am given at Grateful Yoga for this transformation."
Mark Ficher
Mr. America
I wanted to let you know that I feel absolutely wonderful. Was it the breathing? Beginning sun-salutations? (Historically, not a favorite of mine.) The blocks? The twists? The instruction? Perhaps...the whole experience! I feel "long", and mentally in a very good place.
Diana Burnwood